Basic Curtain Cleaning Service

The curtains have been used since monarch times in large houses and castles. So, no matter how much time passes, this will be a recurring element used by people, regardless of nationality or culture.

It is important to remember the importance of cleanliness in our homes and workplaces since if you have good levels of cleanliness you will be able to guarantee the health of your family, the people around you and your own.

There are several ways to effectively clean your curtains to get started. One of the simplest and most reliable would be to contact the professional curtain cleaning service of your choice.


Basic and simple steps to keep curtains clean and free of toxins

There are many alternatives to perform the cleaning of curtains by taking a few basic and simple steps. The first one is: in case the curtains are not one hundred percent fabric, you can keep them hygienic by wiping a clean cloth that is somewhat damp with a little-diluted disinfectant. This will keep it free of dust and a fresh scent.

Considering the previous point, it is important to know the material of the curtain to be cleaned. All this motivated by the fact that there are materials that cannot have direct contact with the heat or with some chemical substances that some detergents or cleaning products have. A Curtain Cleaning Melbourne must take the necessary care to avoid damage to any of the fibers of the curtain body.

There are frequent cases in which it is difficult to clean the curtains at home, for this reason there are businesses and companies specialized in a curtain cleaning service who have realized that it is not an easy task to perform such maintenance.

For these reasons, these professionals are placed at the disposal of the entire population to ensure the hygiene of their curtains in both large and small homes.


Basically if you perform a basic cleaning of the curtains on a daily basis, it will not be necessary to perform a complete maintenance of the curtains, but in long periods of time, this can be done using the vacuum cleaner with a power not too strong to remove dirt and dust that is attached to the curtain.

In these times, it is possible to use the technology of steam cleaning, and this technology is available to our housewives who have greatly facilitated the cleaning of a curtain.

A professional curtain cleaning service has elements such as special vacuum cleaners and steam technology that guarantee cleanliness without having to remove the curtains from their original place.

It is important to remember that the use of the iron is not recommended for curtains in these times, since most of them are not properly made of fabric, but of nylon, vinyl, or some other microfiber that can be detached as soon as you make a momentary time in the heat. Those are some little details that only professionals can know and understand.


Offsite curtain laundry dry cleaning services

If you are in search of Curtain then look no further than Curtain Cleaning Melbourne. With over three decades of experience to draw upon, we pride ourselves on our professional service and competitive pricing so get in touch today to find out what we can provide you.


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My Home Curtain Cleaning is central Melbourne. We successfully clean fabric window fashions right where they hang. No more bare windows! Cornice boards, swags, cascades, duvets…they can all be cleaned right in your home or office. We come to your home and Drapery Cleaning Melbourne right where they hang! All fabric traps in dust, dirt, dust mites and allergens. Over time this begins to break down and destroy your valuable investment. Give your drapes a clean new look, and preseve the life of your investment. The best part is, we GUARANTEE no shrinkage or damage! What about your “home away from home.


Struggle with allergies? We’ll clean your bed and pillows! Fabric filters and traps allergens where it waits to get breathed in by you. Breathe easier by calling for a free estimate today!

Offsite curtain laundry dry cleaning services also available.

  • Green & Eco Friendly Curtain Cleaning Service.
  • Onsite Curtain Steam Cleaning
  • Anti Allergic Treatment
  • Laundry Curtain Dry Cleaning Service
  • Fabric Roman Blinds & Curtains Cleaning
  • Hygienically Deep Curtain Steam Cleaning
  • Both Sides of curtain dry/steam Cleaning
  • Professional Curtain Cleaners
  • Curtain Re-freshen & Restoration Services
  • Remove Dust and Airborne odours from your curtains
  • Eco Friendly Curtain Cleaning Chemicals


Curtain Cleaning Services And Getting The Best

Curtain Cleaning Costs Melbourne with our proven and effective curtain cleaning technology process, we can help you save money and time without the need to replace your old curtains into new ones. We offer cost-effective curtain cleaning in Melbourne, VIC.

While curtains are great addition to your furnishing because they provide a beautiful backdrop, they also attract odour depositories and dusts.  This is the reason why it is recommended to clean curtains twice a year. However, cleaning curtains on your own could bring inconvenience to you especially if you are very sensitive to dust. In addition, taking down curtains involves a lot of work, such as removing hooks and sending them to dry cleaners.


No Need to Compromise Your Privacy Around Your Windows

Fortunately, we are here ready to clean your curtains without taking them to dry cleaners. You can leave your curtains hanging and allow us to come to you. Our curtain cleaning processes don’t involve removing your curtains in your home or office. It’s fast, safe, clean and environmentally friendly. Your curtains will look like new after just two hours of cleaning them.

More Than Just Curtain Cleaning

Aside from cleaning your curtains, we also offer spray application of stain prevention and fire retardants. Furthermore, shrinkage or stretching is not a problem with us on the job through our on-site curtain cleaning process. We also offer application that would prevent colour loss on most fabrics.

Our on-site curtain cleaning solution is gentle yet effective as we clean, sanitise and deodorise your curtains to the highest quality. We guarantee that we leave your curtains free from stains, mildew, mould and dust.  If needed, we can also remove your curtains for cleaning back at our factory and installed back correctly and carefully after.


Fully Insured and Licensed Curtain Cleaning Technicians In Melbourne

We specialize in residential and commercial drape cleaning and all your curtains will be cleaned by fully certified and accredited experienced technicians. Our curtain cleaning specialists are experienced with the latest and most efficient curtain cleaning method. We ensure that you only get the best in expert service to your drapes. Give us a call right now for a free quote.

When You Should Consider Curtain Cleaning

There are numerous individuals on the planet who never give their window ornaments or curtains much idea. They open and close them maybe consistently. The sun beats in on the backs of the blinds and window hangings every day.

Clean particles, bugs and creature hair aggregate around and inside the folds of the drapery. A similar tidy and soil collected at the highest point of the drapery and draperies among the shade snares or overlap.


It gets together and stores itself at the bottoms of the window ornaments and curtains. So for what reason should anyone give this any idea? Since it is basic to take part in drape cleaning in the event that you esteem a perfect home or loft or apartment suite.

Blind cleaning can be performed by the property holder themselves or there are Proficient Curtain Cleaning Melbourne organizations that will play out that administration.

Regularly a cover cleaning organization will likewise clean draperies and window hangings when they tell the truth the cover.

Truth be told it is a smart thought to have the window ornaments or curtains cleaned when you have the cover cleaned as they will get the majority of the soil out of the drapery, some of which will fall on the cover.

At that point, they will clean the rugs after the drapery is done and you will have a pleasant clean noticing home.


On the off chance that you have blinds you should choose on the off chance that they are shoddy draperies or are they beneficial having cleaned. On the off chance that they are modest blinds, at that point by all methods go out and purchase another arrangement of them for the majority of the windows.

In the event that the shades or curtains have been in the windows for quite a while with the sun beating in on them, you should consider in the event that they will hold up to a cleaning.

You can look at the backs of the blinds and check for places where the sponsorship, in the event that it has that, is starting to part. Or then again on the off chance that it has no sponsorship, you can check to ensure the texture isn’t part or disintegrating when rubbed between your fingers.

On the off chance that any of this is the situation, at that point, you won’t profit by cleaning the draperies or window hangings since they will basically crumble when cleaned.

You additionally need to consider if the window ornaments are launderable. Lightweight engineered material blinds more often than not can be washed in a clothes washer.

You should read the direction label connected to the drapes to decide whether you can do this. A few window ornaments are made of fiberglass.

In the event that the shades are made of fiberglass, you should need to take them to your laundry to have them cleaned there. Fiberglass can truly make harm delicate hands.

Why Clean Curtains and Drapes?

Regular cleaning will help to keep out dust mites as well as help to maintain the fabric from becoming brittle and weak.  Window treatments are exposed to sunlight (direct or indirect), humidity, heat, and other atmospheric gases that will weaken the fibers if not flushed out and cleaned.


My Home Curtain Cleaner is a locally and family owned curtain and drapes cleaning company, servicing the Melbourne and surrounding. We strive to exceed client’s expectations with all of our services because we want to become your lifetime cleaning company. We have a strong background in Curtain Cleaning Melbourne services as well as other home services. We understand how it is to have a stranger working in your home for the first time. Our friendly staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable during our visit.


As your local curtain cleaners, we are able to care for specialty fabrics such as silk, velvet, brocade, and more. Our attentive customer service staff will make note of any special instructions that you have for the cleaning process.


So protect your investment and contact My Home Curtain Cleaner today. We‘ll come to your home and clean your curtains, blinds, and drapes. We will give your curtains and drapes a professional treatment that will add life and longevity to them. There is no need to take anything down; we will clean your drapes and curtains while they are hanging!

Put the Freshness Back of Your Curtains


As you know Curtains have a tendency to absorb smells from around the home, such as cooking aromas and cigarette smoke which can lead the curtains smelling less than fresh and cause slight discoloration. When these stains are occurred on the curtains then they are noticeable on light-coloured or delicate curtains.

Curtains are the perfect source for decorating a room without any effect on your walls. However when you give less attention to your curtains, it is very easy to overlook their care completely. Curtain cleaning Melbourne does not have to be difficult process while steam cleaning your curtains means using special products, there are several other easy ways to clean your curtains, and different curtain cleaners you can use.

Tricks To Clean Curtains:-

  • Steam cleaning curtains is an excellent choice for curtains made from very heavy materials or for curtains that are particularly difficult to take down.
  • If your fabric allows for wash them into washing machines then it gives deep clean your curtains. Most commonly machine-wash is suitable for lightweight fabrics or materials that don’t retain too much water. Use normal laundry detergent and set up the delicate cycle. You can also try our green suggestion for cleaning detergent.
  • If your curtain fabric is too delicate and it can shrink or colour-bleed don’t risk and wash your curtains by hand. For delicate fabrics you can use your regular laundry detergent or laundry soap for delicate fabrics.

After Curtain Cleaning, Best Way to dry them is-


Kindly avoided to put wet curtains into the dryer. The motion of the curtains in dryer can cause inflexible creases to appear that not even a hot iron can remove. The best way to dry curtains is to hang them outside, away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching, and in a breezy place if possible. Letting curtains dry naturally in a hanging position allows the creases to fall out, and a quick iron afterwards will have them looking like new.

A Guide By My Home Curtain Cleaner – Curtain Cleaning Methods & Products:

Curtain cleaning yourself is not an easy thing but when you read our guide you can clean your curtains yourself. Curtains soak up smells from around the home, such as cooking aromas and cigarette smoke, which can leave the curtains smelling less than fresh and cause slight discolouration. These stains may be very visible on light-coloured or delicate curtains.


Here are easy tips on Curtain Cleaning Melbourne at home – from steam clean to washing machine.

  1. Cleaning in Washing Machine
  2. Hand Wash Curtains
  3. Steam Cleaning Curtains

Cleaning in Washing Machine :-   You can use washing machine to clean our curtain if your washing machine has delicate cycle and you have to choose a cool wash with slow spin Depending on the material of your curtains and use normal laundry detergent. Sometimes there is a risk of material shrinking; if you are worried then don’t risk putting the curtains in the washing machine, and hand wash instead. Washing Machine is best way to clean lightweight curtains rather than heavyweight curtains.

Hand Wash Curtains:-  Hand washing Curtains is safer than cleaning curtain in washing machine its a safer option for heavyweight curtains. You can use gentle soap and clean specific area of curtain avoid damage to the material but it doesn’t decrease the risk of shrinking, and it’s a good choice for delicate materials but its really hard remove all the water, prolonging the drying time.

Steam Cleaning Curtains: – Steam cleaning is good and convenient method to clean curtains. Steam cleaning only provides surface cleaning only- the dirt on your curtains accumulates up in the pleats and in-behind where steam cleaning cannot get to. Moreover, the injection of steam further embeds accumulated dirt and soil, and leaves the curtains with a wrinkled look.


Some times Peoples don’t have time to clean the curtains their own and curtains are expensive too for those home owners and guys My Home Curtain Cleaner cleaning team always available 24/7.

My Home Curtain Cleaner

My Home Curtain Cleaners should give freedom  from dirty, smelly, and stained curtains and provide fresh feeling curtains in Melbourne. Our curtain cleaning services make certain that your curtains get injected with a new life, become utterly clean, absolutely stain-free, extremely fragmented, and completely healthy. We guarantee visible and noticeable difference in your curtains once we clean them with our exclusive methods.

Our entire curtain cleaning is done in our specially designed workroom where we have complete control over the entire cleaning process. By cleaning every treatment by hand and letting it naturally air dry we avoid issues of shrinkage or possible damage to even fragile fabrics. Older sun damaged treatments can be cleaned safely without fear of further damage since the fabric is never put into a machine where it would be saturated with solvent, tumbled and then dried with heat. We can provide temporary paper shades for those windows where privacy is a must while the curtains are out being cleaned.